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The team of wi400, that has worked with the WindowMobile platform and .Net environment by offering fully integrated solutions with AS400 is going to release its first applications for Android and iOS. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, WI400 has made available a cloud environment can be easily used to exchange data with […]

WI400 8.0 Released!

The WI400 development team has released version 8.0 of WI400. This version is not only a next release, but the combination of the reliability and versatility of wi400 with the new technological developments introduced with wi400Cube. Experience has led us to merge the two branches of development ,WI400 and wi400Cube, in a single project at […]

WI400: First upgrade pack for version 7.4 has been released.

Waiting for the official release of wi400Cube, the WI400 team has released the first upgrade pack for WI400 version 7.4. The upgrade pack contains updates and new features that enrich the usability of WI400. Version 7.4 of WI400, last official release before the WI400Cube, will constantly be updated with the release of Upgrade Pack, planned […]

WI400Cube: Beta release in September

The development team WI400 will release the beta version of wi400Cube in the first week of September. The first release for production is scheduled for November. As announced, this new version has the presentation layout completely rewritten in HTML5 and CSS3. But although the architecture has been modified and improved, there is a full compatibility […]

An important new feature will be introduced in the next update of WI400: the ability to print any PDF in the IFS of the AS/400 directly to a network printer or a 5250 emulation of Client Access. PDFs are useful because, after downloading, they can be sent via mail or to printers from your PC. […]

WI400: Release 7.4

The Team WI400 has released the version 7.4. In addition to bug fixes and improvements especially for the support of Explorer 10 includes the following features: • Possibility to add multiple filters on the advanced filters • Possibility to limit and control the export of data • Configurations lists / filters at the global level […]

WI400: R³ = Reuse -> Reduce -> Recycle

To innovate a management system using a web-based solution, it is not necessary to replace it or rewrite the code. WI400 i-Framework allows you to innovate a management system at the cost of routine maintenance, aiding to maintain the assets of existing program code. Allowing for substantial savings on the initial costs of a project […]

WI400Cube: preview of the new layout

The developement of WI400Cube continuos at full speed. Here’s the preview of the new GUI

WI400Cube will be developed on Linux.

After 5 years of developing directly on IBM i, the new version of WI400 will wholly be developed on platforms OPEN Linux, specifically Ubuntu and OpenSuse. Up to now the development is done on AS400 and next the solutions are tested on Linux and Windows. The WI400 team decided to drastically change this strategy. The […]

WI400 has 5 Years!! Happy Birthday!!

The project WI400 these days has it’s fifth year of operation. It seems like yesterday that the foundations for its development were laid, focusing on a “new” technology for the AS400 like PHP. And yet there have been many evolutions: the transition from ZendCore to ZendServer, migration from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3, the FastCGI […]