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The team of wi400, that has worked with the WindowMobile platform and .Net environment by offering fully integrated solutions with AS400 is going to release its first applications for Android and iOS.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, WI400 has made available a cloud environment can be easily used to exchange data with mobile environments. We will develop a set of applications that taking advantage of the WI400 architecture and datas made available from enterprise servers, with a simple click on the phone, will exchange information with high security.

The first application will be WIM Scanner, an application that will be used initially to create a shopping list, with a quickly decoding on “IBM i” environment where are stored all the information of the EAN code. WIM Scanner could also be used to easily implement at low cost a price competition detection or to allow the branch offices, without making a large investment of professional mobile terminals, to take advantage of simple but vital online services such as the control of prices or perform the reordering.

Stay tuned for the release for the Android platform and iOS.