WI400 – Web Interface AS400 » WI400

“Everyone knows that something is impossible to realize until its get a novice  that does not know and invets”

Albert Einstein.

WI400 arises the development of specific applications in the Web environment using the programming language of PHP on platform System I, better known with the historic name of AS400 or I5. WI400 integrates and/or extends the existing information.

Integrated with WI400 is used the widespread software MediaWiki for the management of the documentation for the user and the technical documentation for the developer.

WI400 has been designed thinking mostly for programmers RPG/RPGLE that with 5 days of introduction to the world PHP + 5 days of training to the use of WI400 is able to create complete web applications oriented to high impact!

WI400 is compatible with major internet browser, in particular with Microsoft Edge and Mircosoft Explorer 11.