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WI400 has 5 Years!! Happy Birthday!!

The project WI400 these days has it’s fifth year of operation. It seems like yesterday that the foundations for its development were laid, focusing on a “new” technology for the AS400 like PHP. And yet there have been many evolutions: the transition from ZendCore to ZendServer, migration from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3, the FastCGI technology, abandonment of the toolkit for XMLSERVICE standard and much more.

The WI400 team was able to manage these steps aiming at the creation of a versatile and configurable architecture for every situation, installing it not only on the IBM iSeries but also on Linux or Microsoft with non-DB2 database.

Today, PHP and consequently WI400 are established realities of the AS400 ecosystem and it behooves to thank all those who have made it possible for us to reach this milestone and we look forward to their support in the future.

Happy Birthday WI400!