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WI400Cube will be developed on Linux.

After 5 years of developing directly on IBM i, the new version of WI400 will wholly be developed on platforms OPEN Linux, specifically Ubuntu and OpenSuse.

Up to now the development is done on AS400 and next the solutions are tested on Linux and Windows. The WI400 team decided to drastically change this strategy.

The need arises in part from organizational needs, create multiple independent development environments, but also to take full advantage of the potential provided by the OPEN environments where you may have complete control of PHP.

The modularity of WI400, its connectors and the use of technology XMLSERVICE allow installation on various platforms, providing access to the database and to calling routines on AS400.

On IBM i the PHP stack is provided by Zend and other minor packages, but it is provided as is, without the possibility of implementations or variations except with PTF. In an OPEN solution it is possible to use all the potential of new releases and updates.

This does not mean that the native AS400 solution will be abandoned, but we are working to make WI400 more modular and more effective.  Consequently SIRI will be able to provide OPEN solutions in non AS400 environments, allowing to have a unique development platform on different systems with the ability to integrate them with extreme ease.

The launch of the new version WI400Cube is postponed to autumn, to be able to work with this new configuration.