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The standardization of informatics processes tends to make all Customers simular by forcing them to conform to methods of operating. Sometimes this phenomenon makes the Customers should review their organizations, soften established after years of experience gained in the field.

This methond of computerize imposes the adaptation without no appeal to those that are the rules provided in the software. And not to those rooted in thoughts! without giving way to Customers to continue to pursue those who have been the policies that have characterized them,made unique and winning up to that moment in its own field.

In this widespread practice to operate in the world of the informatics services , S.I.R.I.responds with the word

T A I L O R I N G !

The long experience in the first person from the Progects Leaders S.I.R.I.taught that each Customer deserves respect for what has done, for the way that conducted until that moment its  own organization.

For this S.I.R.I.

  • places a lot of attention to the needs and to the organization already existing and operating profitably by Customer.
  • tries to establish a relationship of partnership aimed at achieving common goals.

This is possible unicamente listening and helping Customers to choose  “the clothes that suit their figures”