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The primary objecive of S.I.R.I. is to offer itself as partner and not simply like informatics Supplier, taking care of all the aspects necessary to the  success of an computerization project, sharing with responsibilities and costs.

The observance of this mission imposes, that the business investment, are mainly directed to the growth of professional patrimony of its own team of experts that supports constantly the customers and act for the satisfaction of the same.

All the activity of consulting and development, follow the precise methodologies, provided by Best Practices of Project Management, targeted to coordinating, management and monitoring project control, for the achievement of the following results:

  • speed of learning and simplicity of use by the user ‘s.
  • flexibility in the implementation
  • high productivity in the programming for the cost containment
  • rapid achievement of autonomy, from a technical viewpoint, by the customer.

The approach of the technical structure the various problems the customer’s functional, furthermore,is of type consultancy and oriented to the common search of the optimal solutions both for the application aspects both for the reduction investment costs.

S.I.R.I., since its own foundation, took care in a special way the training of its employees increasing their competence in all the keys areas of the business  organization with specific regard to the business themes inherent to the vertical market segments.

The more competencies and know-how, are concentrated in the fields:

  • Great Distribution
  • Organized Distribution
  • Logistics

The prevailing intervention activities, relate:

  • Organizational consulting, functional and informatics.
  • Design and Development of the personalized applications.
  • Training and operational support to users.