WI400 – Web Interface AS400

WI400 – Fine Supporto ZendServer per IBM i

A partire dal primo Aprile 2021, cesserà il supporto per ZendServer su IBM i. Le nuove versioni di WI400 saranno sviluppate su di un nuovo stack PHP nell’ambiente open source. SIRI utilizzerà lo stack di Seiden Group, per la massima compatibilità e assistenza. Per ulteriori informazioni www.seidengroup.com   Starting from 1 April, support for WI400 running […]

WI400 9.5 Released

The WI400 team has released version 9.5. This version includes bug fixes, performance optimizations, and the following new features: 1) QUERY_TOOL, new MARKER functionality 2) Dynamic Management of WI400Detail 3) Dynamic Management of WI400List 4) Logging single action (by click) for specific User. 5) Block of the column headers while scrolling a list. This version […]

WI400: Ready for php 7

The WI400 team , has already tested and verified WI400 with the pre-releases of the long-awaited new version of PHP, the 7. This version of PHP due out in days, speeds up applications up to 100%, with introduction of many new features that make PHP a language more safe and evolved.

WI400: WIMO: (WI)400 (MO)bile gateway

The WI400 team has developed a new mobile application that acts as a gateway for the applications of WI400, calling services and web pages safely within the APP . In this way you can use all the features of your mobile device , such as camera ( for reading EAN or photos ) , GPS […]

WI400: Try php 5.6.11 x IBM i

It is available for download php stack for IBM i (aka iSeries AS400). The stack has been compiled and tested directly on IBM i. Installation Instructions: 1) Log on to the IBM i 2) Create the SAVF files in the QGPL library : – CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/PHPALL) 3) Transfer PHPAll.SAVF file to you IBM i 3) […]

WI400: Soon Beta Release 9.0

The Wi400 team will release soon the beta of version 9.0. This version introduces important innovations in terms of development, with a new debugger tool that will help the developer to intercept and solve problems faster code. It also updated the messages module, with important new features such as online chat and notification.

The project started as an experiment in research and development about the open source possibilities of IBM i and had as objective to bring open source tools natively on AS400. In the past, some positive experiences had been made with libraries such as Ghostscript and PDFlib, currently used in various projects. Now the experience has […]

WI400 8.5 released.

Il Team di sviluppo di WI400 ha rilasciato la versione 8.5. Segnaliamo la presenza di queste nuove caratteristiche: Gestione Ambiente CLOUD per APP WIM_SCANNER Nuova Libreria per la gestione dei grafici con la nuova applicazione per il monitoring del sistema (Visaul WRKACTJOB) Servizio di notifiche. Per essere avvisato ed informato direttamente dal browser.  

WI400: Rilasciata la versione 8.3

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After months of testing the team of WI400 is pleased to announce that the WIM Scanner application was released on Google Play and Apple App Store. On Google Play is available the version for the Android platform, is supported operating system since version 2.3.1. On Apple’s App Store is instead available for iOS version 7.0. […]