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After months of testing the team of WI400 is pleased to announce that the WIM Scanner application was released on Google Play and Apple App Store.

On Google Play is available the version for the Android platform, is supported operating system since version 2.3.1. On Apple’s App Store is instead available for iOS version 7.0.
The application allows you to compile a shopping list, photographing the barcode of the products. The decoding of the products is done on a database with more than 2 million codes and 10GB of images. The majority of the codes relate to the food retail but we are working to expand the DB for other product categories.
All data and communications are managed by WI400 with Web Services installed on IBM i platform, thanks to ZendServer, XMLSERVICE and direct access to DB2 through SQL, in few moments all information are send to device
If the product is not found, it is given the opportunity to add, by supplementing it with the description. The information can be sent to the server, so other users can take advantage of the information.
In case there are reports of prices nearby, you can access the map to display the messages.
Download it now for your device! More feedback we receive, the more we will be able to grow and optimize the application.