WI400 – Web Interface AS400

WI400: Dynamic Data Extraction from Subfile

The research and development team of WI400 has released a new module that allows you to easily export the data in a 5250 subfile. With very few changes on the RPG side, simply calling an external module having as parameters the name and the format of the video file you wish to export, all the […]

WI400: Defined the roadmap for the new version!

The team of  development of  WI400 has decided the roadmap for the implementation of the new release to be released in the summer 2013 and that will have the name in code WI400³. The watchword of this release which will see a radical and deep architecture redesign is STANDARD. Will be provided the  integration with ZendFramework,the replacement of the whole layer of JavaScript using […]

WI400 E-mailing at 360° with the AS400 and PHP

In recent years, the communication via e-mail has seen an exponential increase, allowing to improve and speed up communication and to reduce significantly the production of paper documents.
In the course of years various software solutions for e-mail integration for the AS400 have been created. Native solutions or based on other hardware and external software. The flaw in these solutions, apart from the need for additional hardware and interfaces, consisted in limitations due to the limited size of addresses, attachments, body and subject.

With WI400, whatever the organization, information system or application environment, with minimal effort you can release the power of Web 2.0 on IBM System i. In recent years WI400 has proved a valuable aid for various types of firms, taking on the web diverse business, logistics and accounting applications and system utilities without installing a […]

From version 7.2 of WI400 onwards the Toolkit Easycom Aura Equipment will no longer be supported. For some time the WI400 team points towards the XMLSERVICE philosophy, that has proved reliable and versatile. A recent technology but with ample room for future development using open source approach. We gratefully thank Aura for it’s toolkit, being […]

WI400 – New Monitor Pool Jobs

With version 7.2 of WI400 a new version will be released of the module that allows you to dynamically manage a job pool to optimize performance and resource utilization. WI400 is used mainly for two categories of jobs: Interactive and Batch. Interactive uses a dedicated job that opens when you connect and closes on the […]

WI400 – CSS and JavaScript Bunlde&MiniFy

Pages may include references to css and javascript files. When loading a page the browser will send multiple requests to the server: a request is sent to every individual css and javascript file. Depending on the number of css and javascript files included, page loading may become significantly slower. To circumvent this wi400 bundles all […]

WI400 – Roll out complete for versione 7.0

With the most recent installation, involving almost 1000 users, we completed the roll out of version 7.0 with support for WI400 XMLSERVICE and use the Compatibility Wrappers. Thanks to the new configuration ZXC (Zend Server + XMLSERVICE + CW ) it is possible to install a PHP stack on a AS400 completely free. With version […]

WI400 – Work&Query all QTEMP in XMLSERVICE JOB

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We successfully completed the installation of the new WRS 2.0, the WEB engine for warehouse management. With the features present in the WRS 2.0 model you can manage every aspect of the warehouse, from any smartphone or tablet. Thanks to intuitive graphics enriched brushes and the ability to quickly export the data in any format, […]