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WI400 E-mailing at 360° with the AS400 and PHP

In recent years, the communication via e-mail has seen an exponential increase, allowing to improve and speed up communication and to reduce significantly the production of paper documents.

In the course of years various software solutions for e-mail integration for the AS400 have been created. Native solutions or based on other hardware and external software. The flaw in these solutions, apart from the need for additional hardware and interfaces, consisted in limitations due to the limited size of addresses, attachments, body and subject.

With the porting of PHP on AS400 functions exist that allow clients to develop comprehensive native solutions without limitations.

The WI400 module developed for e-mailing provides an interface with APIs, that allow easy integration with RPG programs with limited changes to the source code using /COPY structures.

The implementation includes a monitor that allows to verify submissions with a possibility to intervene and correct errors.