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From version 7.2 of WI400 onwards the Toolkit Easycom Aura Equipment will no longer be supported. For some time the WI400 team points towards the XMLSERVICE philosophy, that has proved reliable and versatile. A recent technology but with ample room for future development using open source approach.

We gratefully thank Aura for it’s toolkit, being a primary contributor to use PHP on IBM i, allowing to integrate PHP with RPG / COBOL. It is becoming more and more difficult to continue support without aggravating the cost of projects, mostly for the lack of free license development
and support from institutional partners such as Zend or other able supporters, that can add value to the technology.

For those whgo still runs older versions of WI400 or PHP, we recommend downloading XMLSERVICE developed by Tony Cairns that, together with Alan Seiden Compatibility Wrappers, allows easy migration to new technology.

For any info please contact us directly.